Learnign face

Hi, I am trying to learn how to draw a face

I feel like I am getting a little better, but at the same time, all of those fell kind of wrong in the same way (mostly). I want to keep the “edgy” feel, but I can’t get the overall look right and I am not sure what is the mistake I keep making. You can see in the first face the little arrows where I tried pinpointing the things I felt were wrong. Any advice and criticisms are greatly appreciated

You are off to a good start, but the very first thing you need to learn is how to draw a face using facial proportions…there are many pix and videos out there , so I just picked one to get you started…HERE
Keep working and you will find with the right proportions and more practice your drawings will improve greatly!

RSEhlers said it good start but keep working on it. Find some good tutorials. Don’t give up and practice practice practice.