Learning 3d MAX (2012), After Effects

I started to learn 3ds MAX. What are some good resources? I am looking for forums (like this one just for 3ds MAX), YouTube, Blogs, Websites.

Also same for After Effects.

3ds Max Forums:
The Area

escalight.com and max cookie are 2 great places to learn 3ds max. I know few more excellent places to learn 3ds max so ill edit this comment a bit later when i am on my comp. And link them.

thanks Richard. too bad there not so many people on those forums.
mohd.itqan the website in no longer up :frowning:
max cookie looks great thanks.

Sorry I did not see this thread was moved to this section. i was trying to find this but did not know where it got lost :stuck_out_tongue:
here are 2 more great resources:

regarding escalight yeah its down for sometime for some unknown reason, the admin of the website is my friend so i’ll ask him ‘when it would be back online’. i am guessing it might be due to a financial problem. too bad coz that was an excellent resources with ton s of text based tutorials which are life saver to people with slow internet who don’t have access to vid tuts.