Learning 3D

hey everyone, i just got word that i may get fundings for going to university\collage next year (part of being an army veteran). i would like to presue to proffetion of 3d modelling, but sadly in my country (israel) they don’t offer a B.A in animation or computer graphics. on the bright side - if i can proove that i can’t get a degree in my chosen field here i can go and learn overseas ! and now begins the great search for a school to go too … well iv’e been a long time reader of computer arts\3d world so it kinda pictures england as a great place to learn these things and they do name all the best places at their graduate showcase every year, but still i cant make the diffrence between the schools. so i was wondering if any of the people here know of schools who teach 3d animation (europe and the u.s) that are highly considered. info like that would help. just names and place is enogth, ill search the rest on the web by myself. better yet, if anyone here is studiyng in such a place and has good\bad things to say about it i would like to hear about it.

with lots of thanks in advance,
Koby :smiley:

Yo there!

I am going to do my uni degrees in America. I don’t really think England is a good place to do it, living there and all, and there are a few good universitys in America you could try.

1- MIT- massachusetts institute of technology- http://graphics.lcs.mit.edu or http://web.mit.edu

2- Stanford