Learning About Normal Baking, need some advice

Heya Guys

So i am doing some small projects to speed up my learning process and one part i struggled with on my last project was normal baking. I created some barrels high poly, and low poly and baked the normals. however there are some strange things happening here.

So i wouldn’t say the final result is bad but its not perfect. I unwrapped the barrel with cylinder projection and the top and bottom are projected from view.

But as you can see there are some artifacts on the top and bottom “lid” normals and the rings around the barrel are bent or wavy.

I assume the artifacts on the lids is because the low poly object is too low and blender is trying to fill in the gaps. as for the wavy rings i assume its my uv map.

Any suggestions how i can do this better?

So I upped the polys on the barrel, from 10 Vert Circumference to 14 like the high poly model, and its better ish.

You’ll get the best results if your UV layout is flat like in your first picture and not bent like in the second one. You can quickly do that with the Textools addon. One way to remove the waviness is by baking a fairly round barrel first and removing edge loops with Ctrl+X after baking.

But this can break the normalmap, because the original mesh normals do not match the baked ones anymore. The last barrel in my picture has this problem on the top.

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