Learning and Understanding Topology - Tutorial Collection

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Trying to find some info about these questions I have around topology:

If you have a basemesh of face with good topology, can you use it for all future characters? I mean the topo is same on all faces no matter what gender, age or monster you are using?

Can you make a basemesh of a man and manipulate to woman or start from scratch? Again if topo is same we should be able to just adjust the topo so it looks more like female.

What are most “pros” doing? Using basemesh or always start from scratch?


PS. Following this youtube tutorial really really helped me alot with making a head model with good topo

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Almost a full year late, but this one i can answer:

For humanoid figures it could work but for what i got from my course, the most defining parts of the area you’re working on should get more attention, then you organize the mesh around to “fill the gaps”.

Ex: in a face, a character with a very big nose or expressive eyes might need extra work on these parts, then you paste your “default” mouth or ear, organize around, and start “linking” the main parts to form the face and then the head

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My name is Trent, and I have a goal of designing a new speedcube, or Rubik’s Cube puzzles that have specialized internal mechanisms to allow a cuber to solve more fluidly without errors. Some of the more well known ones are the Gans 356 Air, Valk 3, Moyu Weilong GTS2, and one of the most well known outside of the cubing community, the Dayan Zhanchi.

However, I really have little to no experience with blender or 3d design, and I’m essentially working on this project blind. I just need general tips, recommended tutorials, or even some one on one guidance (if able, of course) to make a viable speedcube. I do have rough basics and shapes down, but to do all the grooves and round parts is confusing me. This is where I need most of my help.

If you want refference on what some speedcube mechanisms look like, here are a couple 3d rendered promotional videos for two current speedcubes.

Valk 3:

GuoGuan Yuexiao Pro:

I would appreciate any help or assistance from the blender community. Thank you!

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Need help i got blender. and i am not able to put any materials on anything the perview is all grey and i am unable to do anything. please need help. I hope its just an option.

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For materials, if you have, usually the object selected and go into the materials pane, you can assign or create the materials there. However, if you are just trying to see the materials you have assigned the object, that can be done by changing the display method on the bottom rightish side of the 3D view. You can see texture, wireframe, material, and quick render etc. from those methods.

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I have a topology question, not sure if this would be the right forum for this post but here it goes. I have a model for a small project that I’m making. It has 6 pillars that stick out of a base. Like this:

In the top right though, there is a single triangle that I know isn’t the greatest. I was wondering if people knew a good way to fix this. I’ve left a link with the sketchfab .OBJ for download so you can fully see the model. I’d be really grateful if you had a look at it! ~

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tks 4 share bro

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There’s no download link on the sketchfab page (did you enabled that?) and this is probably too late for what you’re doing, but I’d dup/slide the bottom vertex along the right edge to turn the tri into a quad, then run a loop around the top to re-quad the then-created n-gon.

Hey, anybody know where the resources the OP posted 'bout are now?

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Yea sorry, this was posted so long ago I had forgotten about it, and I was still new to blender and it’s forums. I removed the sketchfab since I resolved it myself. I’m pretty sure I did what you said, but thank you so much for sifting through old posts. You’re the real MVP. I’ll mark this as resolved!

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These cgcookie links seem to be broken meanwhile. Anyone know if the vids can be found elsewhere now?