Learning animation

Hi, I’ve gotten started making 3D models in Blender, but I want to animate them. My question is, is learning animation very hard and does it take a long time? I’m trying to figure out how much time I would need and if it would be worth it.

This is higly depending on what kind of animations you would like to do and how compley they are. Basically the cool think on blender is that the workflow is pretty similar in all areas. For example moving keyframes is possible with the shortcut G as you are used to move objects in the 3D view. Thats why I think you can learn pretty fast. However its up to you since learning is different for everyone :wink:
I recommend you the tutorials by CG Cookie “Blender Animation Toolkit”. This is a really complete tutorial package which guides you through animation very well! :slight_smile:


The popularity of using animations to help learners understand and remember information has greatly increased since the advent of powerful graphics-oriented computers. This technology allows animations to be produced much more easily and cheaply than in former years.