Learning Blender Coming from Cinema 4D

I had used Cinema 4D for years. Now this it is cost prohibitive for me as a hobbiest, I’m looking for something else, and since Blender is free and seems to “do it all”, I figured I’d give it a look.

As others in my position have probably said, Blender is very intimidating at first glance! It looks and word much differently than I’m used to.

Are there any particular tutorials (free, hopefully) that are a good start to using Blender coming from other apps like C4D?

My interest is in pretty much everything. Modeling, UV, texture, sculpt, rig, animate. Rigging looks like that most difficult as I used a plugin in C4D that was awesome and made much of the process automatic.

Anyway, any advice would be much appreciated.



There are a lot of Blender tutorials sites:Blendercookie, BlenderGuru, BlenderNerd, CGMasters and other stuffs on YouTube (search most subscribed channels).

follow the link in the banner above to do the Blender Basics Training. Probably the most concise, updated, Blender 101/Getting Started out there. https://cgcookie.com/blender/cgc-courses/blender-basics-introduction-for-beginners/

and to get you more comfortable quicker, and not to scare you off, you can change the user settings to use “left click” for selection instead of right.

Good luck! and welcome to the Blender Community:)

p.s. any “matter of fact” questions that you’d like answered quickly are best asked here: http://blender.stackexchange.com/

Thanks very much for the info! Yeah, I’ll probably have to change that right mouse click and change the setting so I can use the numbers on my keyboard as I don;t have a num pad on mine.