Learning Blender GE

Hi all,

I just got hold of the rather old Blender Game Kit as I want to start learning how to make games. Is it advisable to use the version of Blender for which the game kit was originally written and constructed for, or can I expect to get through the book easily using the latest build of Blender, taking into account the fact that Blender has evolved quite a bit since the game kit came out?



Just thought I’d add that I’ve been using Blender for about a year and have created a few basic animations. Although I’m far from mastering the software, I am by no means a beginner and know my way around the interface fairly well.

Blender is “light” and easy to install, so…
Use both versions, maybe starting with 2.25 to follow tuts and them switch to
the current one to “update” your knowledge?!

sounds like a plan. Is this how you tackled it or have you been making games since the kit first came out?

I have found that many files in the GameKit can only be used with the 2.25, but I think that you could easily make all of the games in newer versions of blender. Welcome to the GE. I can suggest some good tutorial sites for you to look at:

www.blendenzo.com - Made by Blendenzo of these forums. Great tutorials from many people who know what they’re doing.

www.tutorialsforblender3d.com - a few more advanced tutorials, but nevertheless great.

There are numerous “Noob Projects” that are floating around the forums - you might wanna join them to get a basic understanding of the GE.

Good Luck!
~The Red Hand

Yah, as Red said, there are many tutorials out there. Also, the GE is one of those programs where, if you don’t know how to do something, you can work your way around it.

Don’t forget to search youtube, it can help a lot.