Learning blender

Hii guys! Im new in blender software & i want to learn it. But i cant decide where to start ,i practice the basics of blender but i want to design characters.Please help me know what should i do next in process of learning character modeling


the first thing you’re gonna want to do is learn/understand the fundamental basics. This includes being able to navigate the viewport, use key shortcuts, aswell as the core functionality involved in modelling, such as extruding, scaling etc…

The best way to get to grips with these steps is to follow some of the tutorials you can find. Blender Guru has some good beginner tutorials, which although not specific to character modelling (which you want to do), they will make you more comfortable with using Blender as a whole.

Go through some of the beginner tutorials, make some final pieces, and compile what you have learned. It wont happen over night, it will take some time.

There are some character tutorials about, some better than others, that will go over most of the steps needed to create a character. CG Cookie have a few different ones, some of which may be archived to their YouTube channel, I’m not sure. The Blenderella series, which you can also find on YouTube, is also a good guide, however it doesn’t walk you step by step. It assumes you already know what you’re doing, and so isn’t really suitable for a beginner.

You could just jump straight into the deep end, and learn things as you go, but it could be frustrating when you don’t understand everything that’s going on.

Learning Blender is a lot of fun. There are no clear ways to ‘learn’ it, it’s all down the you, and what you enjoy.

Good luck :smiley:

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Thank you for responding sir
As i mentioned i learned the basics from blenderguru. But currently i can’t decide what should i do next that is efficient in the way of learning character modeling since there are lot of thing that can be done in blender.
If there is any specific tutorial series or just a guidebook that can help anything.Because i dont want to lost in everything.