Learning Blender

Hi all,
I usually work with Rhino, 3DS max and others, can anyone help me to choose the best way to learn Blender to make architectural models, photorealistic rendering and animation using Yafray?

Is it enough the online documentation available at http://www.blender3d.org/cms/Documentation.628.0.html or is better to buy the Blender 2.3 manual at the Blender Shop?


Welcome to the Blender community.

The documentation is quiet helpful. There are loads of tutorial on the net and a lot of them are in the documentation section WIKKI check it out under TUTORIAL LINK LIST.

THere is always this great forum called ELYSIUN where almost everyone is willing to help if they have time and they usually give you a reply in a few mins or hours max is 1 day.

There are also plenty of video tutorials at blender.org have a look and try them out.

If you use that manual or purchase the manual use Blender 2.33 so that it follows closely along with the book. If you want to use a more recent blender version (2.41 etc.) use the manual at wiki.blender.org .


Hi I found this really good Blender Basics- 2nd Edition
Classroom Tutorial Book It was written by a school teacher that has been teaching blender for 6 years (Well I think that right), It was made for blender 2.41, and earlyer…I found this so a great manual…And it gives you heaps of stuff to learn in order of newbe to do allright…it in pdf at this address http://www.cdschools.org/54223045235521/blank/browse.asp?A=383&BMDRN=2000&BCOB=0&C=55205