Learning blender

I’ve been learning Blender in my spare time (I’ve invested some time playing with 2.49 in the past). All I can say is that I love Blender. So here’s where I am at this moment using an old zbrush model of mine…eyes and eyelids still need a lot of work. I Like to thank the Blender community for all these great tutorials and stuff !

I mixed Microno’s SSS Shader and the SSS Shader by aYen + some post levels/hue/sat adjustments


he looks a bit gray, but really nice mesh.

Looking good! Any story behind this face? He looks slightly “undead” with pointy ears so I’m assuming some sort of mythical creature? Anyway, very nice sculpting/texturing.

Great work!:yes:
His face has a few similarities with Nosferatu.nice.

Looks great! :smiley:

Thanks guys, glad you like him !
There’s not a real story behind him. I’m reusing/misusing this old model to learn in blender.He is indeed some kind of vampirisch creature.


Another study/experiment this time using ubershader 4.0.
Only 300 samples. I changed the background colour in post.
Same dude without a diffuse texture.



This is a nice model! I love it!

Have you tried blender sculpting? the dyntopo is very immediate! But if you have and know zbrush there’s less reason to use it…
You never know though, I prefer blender sculpt for a couple of reasons but you’ll miss the breadth and depth!

Thanks Michael,
Glad you like him !
I gave the sculpting tools(multires) a shot today…I’m really surprised how good the sculpting tools are.
Blender continues to amaze me.

Just a fun doodle.



Looks good, and kinda looks like Ender…

Thank you MajorStorm !

Congratulations! I really like the first model :slight_smile:

Thank you Alessandro :cool:

Waste of space.

Realy nice thread.
All 3 models look alive. I like what you had with that troll in multires. Also dig the thickness you give to eyelids. Cool stuff

0rAngE, thank you !

Back on track (I hope).
I’m working on this dude. He’s a 1.9 mil. high res sculpt ( in zbrush ) rendered in cycles.
He has no UV’s yet. I hope you guys like him so far.



I"ve set up a simple skin shader (dif+sss+glossy) at 2000 samples.
update: now at 4000 samples which reduced the noise a bit
Still no images used.

I’ve been playing with clamp indirect to remove the noise but that also removed a lot of bouncing light so I kept this one.



The new sculpt looks really cool! Lot’s of character.
You wouldn’t happen to be Lucky?

great work…love the textures and character.

This is just awesome!