Learning C++

Im finished the demo, and I ll post it here soon, but right now I need to learn c++ for some reasons, and I need to learn the basics as soon as possible, can someone point me to where I could learn it, with tutorials maybe or something like that?

I know that this is not the place but I know that there are some guys on this forum that know c++ well.

I found this website, if anyone knows and think that its good I ll try it out http://www.learncpp.com/


Hi leonnn,

this is really off-topic.

C++ is quite old (in terms of age not of capabilities). You will find hundreds of books and tutorials.

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I’d recommend a good programming book- it’s easier for me to learn when I can look at something physical open in front of my monitor. I’d suggest “Problem Solving with C++” by Walter Savitch; it’s a good book that covers the basics. Failing that, find a project you want to work on and just mash up bits of tutorials to learn how to do the project. That method is basically how I learned Blender.

HJmediastudios thanks I ll try it up and thanks monster, sorry about bother on the forum.

As a c++ programmer I approve the following:

Book I use in my computer science class( short review: Love it. very clear and easy to read )

playlist of video tutorials

text tutorials

I second cprogramming.com- really good however sometimes you’ll probably find yourself rereading paragraphs at a time.

also good are some open books like on galileo computing (in german but you can try to use google translator?) and wikibooks …