Learning in a more structured way?

Hi there guys/girls!

I pretty new to this 3D modeling/blender thing and I have to admit Im a bit overwhelmed. Tried a few tutorials finished some but failed most.

Is there a way how to learn 3D modeling/blender in a more structured way? Ie how would you learn blender/3D modeling if you had to start all over again.

Well You Tube is your friend.
Check out these: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLV7h-WLIxand https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lByP9DtwYDE

Practice makes perfect, keep trying and everything you do in blender will become natural. Learning blender is like learning a language it’s extremely hard at first but it gets easier the longer you use it.

If you can afford it, cgcookie has a very nicely structured program. Another good way is to start a small project and consult the user manual at blender.org (or youtube) when questions arise. It’s a lot of reading but nothing beats it in terms of specificity.

I’d plug my own site, but it’s still under development. If you are still stuck in 4 months (lol) check out howtoblend.com for a very thorough and free course.

Don’t try to learn everything at once and start with the basics. A lot of beginners make the mistake of wanting to create the greatest masterpiece ever when they can’t even navigate the camera around and discourage themselves as a result. Set small goals for yourself. Get used to the camera and the interface, create some simple objects, don’t even care about topology, materials, textures, rendering, animation, physics and all the fancy stuff. Learn about the basic mesh editing functions (duplicate, linked duplicate, extrude, subdivide, knife, bevel, remove doubles and so on). They can be found in the context menus for vertices, edges and faces => CTRL+V, CTRL+E, CTRL+F and W for the specials menu.

masterxeon1001 has a very good beginner tutorial series for free on his Gumroad page (Blending away the pain). His Blender 3d: Basics Recap video on YouTube should help aswell. I can’t add links unfortunately as I’m still below 10 postings, but you will find both videos when you google them. Blending away the pain is only available on gumroad, you won’t find it on YouTube.