Learning Maya + some surprise

while learning maya I’ve met up with a few surprises a lot of bug, crash, slow modeling process and some familiar component selection vertex, edge visual gradients similar to blender this is new in maya or was there…

It isn’t in Maya 2010 at least, I can’t remember if it is like that in Maya 2012 either but I don’t think so.

I find that modeling in blender is faster than maya

I agree, Maya feels pretty clumsy compared to Blender and Max feels really heavy and slow. Softimage XSI on the other hand has some really cool modeling tools and feels pretty intuitive. Check out XSI Mod Tool 7.5 if you haven’t already.

i will give it a try but i need to learn maya if i want to work in my country school and most company use maya or 3d max a lots of people use blender but only for personal or freelance use

These gradients only show up if you are in soft-selection mode.
Hit B once to go to non-soft-selection mode or hold B and drag to increase the falloff radius.
It’s been in Maya for quite a few versions ( at least 2009, maybe earlier ).