Learning Path Organic Modeling for interiors. Suggestions?

I’m trying to improve my skills in architectural visualization.
I already know a lot about lightning, shading and modeling. So the hardest part is to get more realism by adding organic details and life to the scene so that it looks more natural and tells a kind of story.

Here is a photo, that I would like to recreate. But without these organic objects (Flowers, pillow, grass in a vase…) the scene would be so boring.

So one way is to download some high quality models and it will work great. But for learning I want to create these details by myself in high quality and nice textures.

Do you have any tips for modeling these flowers, especially this fluffy grass? I quicky get stucked when trying to create this.

And are there any high quality rescorces for realistic looking fur ?

I’m looking forward to any tips from the community.

Thanks in advance!


Plants and trees are mostly done with particle systems. There are plenty of tutorials to be found. This one shows the basic principle: