Learning Perspective

Ok, so i really want to learn to draw coooool concept sketches. My one problem is, I don’t know how to draw in perspective, or whatever its called. Where i could draw a character in a really cool pose from not a front or side angle :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m so bad, i can’t even draw a cave that looks like its going deeper and deeper. I get the concepts and everything, i just cant execute it correctly.

any help tips advice links, anything> :-?


thanks man!

if still there is on the web I recommand you to get the loomis book there are free and pretty nice to get into human figure drawing and also perspective …

by the way the first things about perspective you have to "master " is can draw a good cube in any position and with different camera angle view…you can then use the basic shape of cube for drawing a lot of diferrent shape include body head etc…

so be comfortable with cube in perspective will make the things easier for more complex shape after …

by the way just draw and draw and draw again :wink: