learning python code

hi i just recently moved from blender 2.49b to blender 2.57 and i was wanting to learn python cod for blender 2.57. so i was wondering if someone could give me some python tutorials that i could do.
im ok if you give me a video tutorial but i really prefer text tutorials because i learn better from it.

I recently came across some tutorials on GAME UP. Not perfect, but might be a good starting point.

Also liquid_legs, it is not the end of the world if you find tutorials for 2.49b.
The majority of the code is easy to port, and if you hit errors, read the console and google it.
Check my website andmoguri’s website for porting.

Well, I’m glad that you’re referring people to my tutorials, adju. If there’s something wrong with them, I’d like to know - are they too long or wordy or something to that effect? If there’s some way to improve them, please tell me, and I’ll see if I can.

thanks adju, solarlune and agoose. agoose are you pretty much just saying that if i find a blender 2,49b tutorial that all i have to do if i get error is look at the blender python API. solaelune your tutorials are pretty awesome so far they dont seem to be to wordy thanks.

You’re welcome. I’m glad people are working through them.

solarlune the console or cmd is’nt showing anymore with blender 2,57 like it did with 2.56 and lower. is there a way to get it showing again

Yeah, the console is hidden by default - to show it, enable it in the Help menu.

ok i went to the help menu but there was exactly anything there that enables the console. all there was the user manual, blender e-shop, operator cheat sheet, website, python API and stuff like that

Sorry I responded to the PM in the same way - are you on Mac, perhaps? If you are, navigate into the Blender app into the (I think) Blender folder, and inside there is another Blender app. Run it, and the console should appear.

Or create a command file with string blender -con and launch it