Learning Python

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I wouldnt consider myself as an experienced programmer but I have used many languages briefly and understand most of the Intermeddiate concepts of programming.

I want to get to know python alot more so that i could incorperate it into future blender projects, besides i think its an interesting language.

What is the best method of learning to use python in blender.

Please dont reply with useless information such as “Read tutorials” :-? because I can’t find any tutorials that are not aimed at just teaching the basics of OOP using python.

Any input would be great especially URLS.

I understand that there is some kind of guide that Ton is making available only to members at the moment. Will this ever be free.

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What is the best method of learning to use python in blender.

Read tutori^H^H^H^H^H^H^H :wink:

(saluk) #3

If you already know some programming, and mostly want to learn python, I would suggest www.python.org. The tutorial there walks you through most of the basic syntax without weighing you down with stuff you already know.

For integration with blender, I have the api for members, but I don’t know if that will ever be free. I’m sure that there will be new documentation for open source, but I don’t know about the old stuff. Someone else probably has a good link for integration of python and blender.