learning python

does anyone know any tutorials or anything that i could start learning python, because i really want to learn it, but i don’t know where to start…
any help would be greatly appreciated

There really isn’t one big ultimate source for learnign python.

the best way, in my opinion, is to learn universal programmign principals and then check out the language refrences at www.python.org

you can also do a google search for python tutorials.


And addition to MacBlender:
Dive into python and the python section in the blender documentation for blender specific python.
And one thing: Practice, Practice, Practice!

Nice tutorial, try a search on google searching for: Byte of Python, it’s a tutorial written by an indian person (english written) about starting with python. It’s the best python tutorial I ever found, because it’s made for real noobs. I started using it and I know almost everything of it, except init I’m still bothering about that one and can’t find out the real meaning of it. People try to explain but when the english people explain it, it’s like abracadabra for me. Hard english words and so on.

Well back to topic, use that Python tutorial book, it’s free and in html and pdf. When I finished it, I created an tararchiver and ftp client in one. I even made my own telephone organiser. :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a link to “A byte of Python” in this thread:



JD: init isn’t a command, its the initialization of the class, instead of calling it in your program the code in it is called when you make a new instance of a class.

in my module Bloded when you do the code

world = Bloded.World()

it runs the command like this

world = Bloded.World()
world = world.__init__

hope that helped.


P.S. if you’ve ever use C++ init is basically your class constructor.

really a nice one - i like the way he writes, definitely worth and fun digging in :slight_smile:

thanks for the hint


You don’t need to know hardly any python to write blender python scripts. You do however need to understand the python API. Get a copy study it and then read scripts that other people have written.