Learning Python

I wanna give the game engine a try out not just by buttons but by coding. Curently I am reading a byte of python. After I am done with this are there any other good tutorials out there to get me started in scripting with blender? What I really need is a tutorial explaining how script in blender and a tutorial actual making a small game so I can see how it is done and do it my self.

This is a very good url for that:


I see your bump and raise a google search>>>>>>>

(not sure what the >>>>>>> is all about though)

A while ago I posted up a Blender game that is playable, and makes use of a few scripts. Within the package documentation I included a fairly detailed breakdown of the logic blocks used and the two instances of game engine python that were used. Hopefully this will be useful to you and explained well enough.

There are two locations you can find it:
ShareCG http://www.sharecg.com/v/43390/3D-Model/Smooth-Flying-(Blender-Game-Engine-Game - you will need a free login for that. if this link does not work satisfactorally, just go to ShareCg and search through their models for “Smooth Flying”


http://www.box.net/shared/okfx73y8gg - which will give you a button to start the download, but I think I have limited download capacity there and so may not necessarily work for you if there has been a run of downloading on it.

Give it a try and have fun.