Learning Rigging, Hip and Tail Bones Won't Connect to Spine

Hello, I’m new to Blender and I’m learning the basics of it to do computer animation. I’ve already figured out a lot of the basics, including how to join a rig and mesh, but for some reason, the hip bones I extrude from a spine never connect to it, even though they’re extruded from it. Same with a tail bone. I can’t seem to parent the bones to it either. Am I doing something wrong? I need to figure this out in order to practice doing walk cycles in CGI. Any help is appreciated!

Welcome home we have been missing you LOL.
Please share the blend file for us to know what you are talking about. :slight_smile:

Oh, how do I do that?

the bone would not be connected as it was extruded from the head of the bone and not the tail. the head is the larger end of the bone and the tail is the smaller end. if its extruded from the tail … the bone is then the child of that bone. it’s still a child if its extruded from the head but it may not be connected. you can set the bones not to be directly manipulated in several ways or to copy the location of another bone. the rotations can still work. the best practice would be to use the spine bone … which is still a parent and will still determine the location of the hips when moved. you can hide the hips to avoid manipulating them accidentally or lock them in place. since its a very tricky area of the body. having the hips and lower spine controlled by other bones - because they aren’t attached to the main rig - could help with unusual movements - such as the entire rig flipping over. things like copy rotation, location, sometimes or a driven action for the control …by another bone. etc.