Learning texturing and volumes. How can I improve?

Was experimenting with volumes, textures with all maps, and some lighting. First time I actually got displacement to work. What do you think? I would like feedback on the texturing specifically.

Depends on what you are trying to achieve.

Now it looks like someone is hiding behind a concrete column with a flashlight. If that’s your goal, then all I can say is mission accomplished! :grinning:

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Thanks! Was curious to know what people thought of the texturing specifically. This is the first time I’ve gotten a texture to look decent, and want to know if there’s a way to make it look more realistic. To my eyes, it looks pretty good, but I’m a newbie.

Hi there! The texture looks beautiful. I’d say maybe up the contrast with the lighting to make it a little more dramatic. It’s such a nice texture I think some adjustments to the lighting will help bring out what it has to offer. I might either brighten the backlight or add another backlight out of the frame that hits the texture.


Yes it looks good, but a bit plain. What is the place intended to be? Like an old abandoned Soviet military base or something?

Maybe it should have some text stenciled on the wall that should be peeling and chipping away together with the paint. Might want to add some old rusting lamps to the walls perhaps.

And that’s the thing, from here on you should try to develop the scene and the story it has to tell.