Learning the 2.5 Rigging System

So 2.5 Alpha 0 has been released and I’m sure we’re all playing the ‘where did that button go?’ game. Along with the re-arrangement of the UI, a lot of functionality as been either changed, replaced, or augmented. I’m not finding a lot of information about the rigging system for 2.5, so I’m hoping we can figure this out together :yes:

Here is how I propose we do this… all rigging categories will be added to this post in the form of a question. As the questions are answered I will add a hotlink to the answer. Answers can be a link to any resource on the net, or they can be answered as a post in this thread or another. Blend files can be very helpful, as can images for understanding explanations for complex topics.

Tutorials will be added here.

If you have more questions, post them and I will add them to this post:

New Features
Normalized weight paint mode

How to setup drivers? kiopaa 2
User defined properties? kiopaa
What can be driven? (Everything!) harkyman

How to use SplineIK? Official Aligorith, Gimble
Where is the Auto-IK button? MrNoodle

Coordinate Space
What coordinate systems are available? (Euler, Quat, Gimbal, etc…)
Switching between rotation types during animation?

HotKeys and Menu Items
ctrl+alt+c now removes constraints, use ctrl+shift+c to create constraints.
Where did the segmentation go for B-Bones? jason
What happened to ctrl+c to copy constraints?
Where did the w key go for pose mode? (ex. w->clear transforms)
Where is the X-Axis Mirror option for the armature? FGC
Where did ‘hinge’ go? Phlopper

The Auto-IK is in the toolshelf .

  	 			The Auto-IK is in the toolshelf . 		

I knew it was in there somewhere :smiley: thanks!

I try to answer the question : How to setup drivers?
(I use google to translate from French into English, I hope to be understandable!)
I have a bone called ‘Slider’, I want it to drive the influence of the ‘Copy Rot’ constraint of another bone.

1. click <RMB> on the influence button of the constraint, and select ‘Add Driver’ from the popup menu.

2. Open a ‘Graph Editor’ window, and select mode ‘Drivers’ (near menu ‘Key’)

3. Add a curve as the image below:

4. Finally, enter all the settings for the menu ‘drivers’ on the right side of the window.

Voilà ! when I move the bone ‘Slider’, the influence of the constraint varies from 0 to 1.

Thanks kiopaa that’s really helpful!

I still have a question regarding this and that is defining the driver variable. The part that says ‘pose.bones[“Slider”].location’ is still confusing to me. How do you know what to enter here? Is there a reference somewhere? For example in your other thread, you mentioned using a bone ‘property’ as a driver. Would that be entered as ‘pose.bones[“bone”].property.propertyName’? Because I haven’t been able to get it working yet…

Edit: I figured it out. You can right-click on any property to “Copy Data Path” which copies the variable name and can then be pasted into the RNA path of the driver. For a bone property it will look like 'pose.bones[“bone”][“property”] and the ‘type’ needs to be set to ‘averaged value’.

Yes, I agree with you : ‘pose.bones[‘bone’][‘property’]’ this is what I tested.

I didn’t find any reference for this, but I am lucky, when I open for the first time Pantin with 2.5, some drivers were already set correctly !

Animations from 2.49b work in the game engine, but how do I make 2.50 Alpha0 animations work in the GE?

I personally know nothing about using the game engine, and although your question could possibly be answered by someone here I would recommend asking it in the game forum.

Has anyone successfully setup the splineIK from scratch? I haven’t been able to reproduce the behaviour demonstrated in the official example - that is without the bones scaling/stretching in the Y axis at all… is there some secret little option I may be missing here?

I’ve noticed in the image on the blender webpage showing the constraint options that the ‘y stretch’ option can be toggled. But in my copy of the program it is greyed out. Perhaps it is still being configured and is not quite ready for use yet?


feelgoodcomics: In response to your comments about Spline IK…

  1. The release logs on Blender.org I copied from an original source-article I wrote on this. The original docs can be found at http://sites.google.com/site/aligorith/Spline_IK.pdf?attredirects=0&d=1

The main thing to be aware of, is that I omitted the last section of the original doc from the release notes page, since it was a bit iffy compared with the rest of the doc (clumsy, potentially confusing).

  1. There was a typo in the Py-UI scripts for that setting at some point in the past week or so that I fixed a few days ago IIRC. Can’t remember exactly when that was the case though…

Ah, thanks for clearing that up Aligorith! No problem, it’s alpha and I’m just tinkering so far, enjoying the goodies :smiley:

For my part, I continue my research on the drivers…
how to rotate a bone infinitly ?

Select ‘XYZ Euler’, right click on ‘Y’ to add a driver.

That’s how I set the driver, it is possible to type ‘current_frame’.
We can also adjust the speed of the rotation.

If you want to download the file : here


I made a detailed step-by-step tutorial for ?Aligorith?'s demo file for Spline IK, in case anyone wants to try it out :


thanks Gimble, your tutorial seems very good, I will try it soon.

Awesome guys thanks :smiley:

Hi, has anybody found the x-axis mirror option for armatures? I am trying to do a symmetrical extrude and am not quite managing. I messed around with the fork extrude options after doing a shift+e, but I don’t think that’s it…

Hi, has anybody found the x-axis mirror option for armatures?
Found it where the auto-IK feature was (the bottom of the tool shelf [t]). Once enabled use shift+e as before :slight_smile:

How do you edit in the NLA editor. I placed my animation from 2.49 to 2.50 and the timing of the animation is different. I used the repeat button in the NLA editor for 2.49 to repeat a run cycle along a curve. When I took the file over to 2.5 the timing was different. The whole animation itself repeats instead of just the run cycle. Is there a way to fix this?

I’m sorry. I have just realized that I posted my question on the wrong subject. I haven’t tried rigging in 2.5 yet. Right now I use it for material and rendering. This subject is about rigging. My bad!

Thanks Feelgood! Mustaff, I haven’t done any anim yet in 2.5, but maybe you will find this anim tour video useful: http://blenderlabrat.blogspot.com/2009/10/25-tour-9-part-2.html there are also other vids on that blog, it’s worth going through them.

Hi, I don’t know if this is already common knowledge, but I spent ages looking for the ‘hinge’ on/off button, and realized after a while that you can untick the ‘inherit rotation’ box in the relations tab of the bone panel which has the same effect (I think).