learning to draw

Guys, do you know any good sites with tutorials and/or guides to drawing. Im really bad at it but i would like to learn.

Sorry if this has been asked before, I couldnt find anything with the search function.


Probably the best way to get better at art is just lots of practice, nad www.google.com (search for Tuts there)

If you’re willing to put down a bit of money for a book, the most obvious thing to recommend is Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. As far as I know, it’s the best drawing book out there for beginners. And it’s not expensive, either.

And remember, practice! Expect to draw thousands of finished drawings before you get “good” (depending on your definition of good).

I recommend picking up Keys to Drawing as a first book. It helped me improve my drawing ability quite a bit and it’s all about drawing.

The only relevant site I’ve got in my bookmarks is
which has some famed classic instructional books from Andrew Loomis.