learning to make textures but, with these styles of....

the dragon style effect

high pass filter effect

adjustment layers and dodge burn effect or and…

image texture with digital painting. wondering what to learn for this desired effect if anybody knows?


Please can you be more precise in what you mean.
Do you mean a Dragan style?
From what you are asking I think you should be looking at compositing instead of texturing.
The terms you use are all mentioned in an article about photoshop
Similar effects can be applied in the Blender compositor too

Best of luck


thank you for that article on steps for the dragon effect. I am trying to figure out how to make my image textures more cg like , like what you see in animation movies. wood, cement etc.

Do you think this should be a composting step instead?

learned composting, proper lighting and good maps such as baking ambient and lighting into my textures yet with render layers yet. I just found out why I was having texture scale issues after a year of modeling and I guess
because I was using object dimension say making a plank and entering 2 inches, by 4 inches and then 7 feet compared to doing it in edit mode was stretching my mesh regardless of a scale reset . Maya has generate new uv’s so i hope this option happens with Blender in the future .