Learning to sculpt faces

Hello boys and girls and others,

Having helped a bunch of people on their face sculpting journey, I wrote a guide for beginning and intermediate face sculptors:


Hope some people find this useful. Feedback and improvement suggestions are welcome. I plan on maintaining in the very least the resource list in the end.


its very detailed thanks

Thanks, glad it helped you.

Thank for this helpfull guide.
Are you aware about other topic or tutorial concerning the mesh management during sculpting process ? ( remesh, dyntopo … )

Thank you.

Looks just like this one from Kris Costa on Artstation

If you are showing that you can sculpt so well that you can perfectly copy other people’s sculpts, I’m very impressed.
You even managed to forge the signature perfectly at the bottom.
If you’re going to use other people’s work in your post, you should credit them, so as not to imply that this is your own work.


If you click through to the Medium article, you’ll see that’s the first image in it, with caption “A sculpt of H. R. Giger by Kris Costa”, with a link to his ArtStation profile. Perhaps I should have said the same directly in this Blender Artist post.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6asaZsDHCg is where I usually point people for multires/dynotopo/remesh workflow information.

Thank a lot.

Have a nice day.

Well, yeah! Otherwise, what’s the point in including it in the post? It seems like a way to draw people in to look at your article, making them think, “Wow! Look at that sculpt. This guy must be really good!” And then they read your article and find that there is not a single example of your own work.
It’s like someone making a post claiming to be an expert on animation with a link to a Pixar movie.

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To draw them in, yes, like every cover image ever. I’d have used stock art, but there is no such thing for this subject.

Regardless, I was never really comfortable with using that image either. I have now updated it to show my own work, copied below. It has some issues still, but will do for now.

You do realise that you could just go back and edit the original post, right? Remove the other guy’s work and add your own image now, or even just add a little heading giving credit to the artist who made that awesome Giger sculpt.

Still should have credit to the original artist. Especially when the standard of that pictured sculpt is being used to promote your teaching skills. It’s false advertising. “That Giger sculpt is amazing. That artist is amazing. I wanna learn from that artist! Oh, the person who posted this is not that artist.”

There’s no problem using the image. You could say, “Here is an example of a 3D sculpt. Hard to believe it’s not a photo, right? Well, with my advice, you could be as good as this artist, Kris Costa.”