Learning to sculpt... Is this the right method?

So, I’m learning to sculpt and had some holes in this model. I’m learning to close them up well enough but not sure if this is the right way to do it, or if there is a better way so that the mesh is joined where I’m using the Pinch tool, I’d love some feedback, thank you!

now there will be an intersecting geometry. So after you close these holes by hand, as you did, use remesh, it will clean the topology and erase inner mess.



If remeshing is not and option, then you have a couple of other options:

  • Go into Edit Mode, grow a selection on the “top” under-side and move it into the “limb” geometry… then do a self-intersecting face Boolean union.
  • Enable the Bool Tools addon that comes with Blender. Make copies of a “filler” geometry, place them in the holes and union them onto your model.
  • Keep accessories for your model as separate meshes - Holes are now a separate issue and may even be desirable.
  • Ignore it… you can deal with the holes at a later retopology/baking stage.
  • It’s Blender, so sure there are options I’m not even aware of…

Good luck!

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Awesome thanks for the feedback, I’ll give these both a try and see which work best.

As for remeshing is a tool like Quad remesher different/Beyer than the remesh option?

Yes - paid remeshers work much better than the default Blender ones