Learning to sculpt sketchbook


I’m learning 3D Sculpting at Ihman 3D School

  • 2nd week:

Concept from creaturebox

  • 3rd week

Concept from creaturebox

Looking good so far! I think you can push the teeth out further with the bottom guy.

They are looking really good! CreatureBox is a great inspiration and resource :slight_smile:

@Scotchtapeworm: Yes, i totally agree with you, thing is that if i push them more i think they will not look good when 3Dprinted.

@julperado: Thanks for your kind words.

First printing test

And 4th week…

This time concept is from Mr. Bret Bean

I didnt sculpt the little red horns because i thought they will not be 3dprinted properly.

Here’s the printed version.

And this is all from scratch? That’s quite impressive for someone just starting out.

Thanks for your kind words mate, those are the results im obtaining from the sculpting course at Ihman3D school

Hello artists.

2 months of anatomy studies later, I’m facing final project: alien head without leaving human landmarks.

First of all, references, references, references

Then, some Alchemy chaotic crazy shape hunting.


3rd thumbnail is the chosen one, so i start doing variations from it.

Again, 3rd is the one i like the most. So I start working on the silhouette and here are the results.

Next would be first pass, coming SOON.

Cristicism is encouraged and more than welcome.

Thx for your time

Ok artists,

I did a first overall detail pass, defining overall shapes and volumes and adding eyes.

Ok artists,

I did the retopo with 3DCoat, then a little tweaking here and there with blender… 4480 faces and ready to start detailing with multires.

Multires detail pass

Multires detail 2nd pass

The character is looking really nice! What version are you using? If it is the latest build are you having good viewport performance?

I’m asking because the latest optimizations done to the viewport allows really high polycounts with the multiresolution modifier before Blender starts to lag (depending on your machine of course).

Hello julperado, thanks for taking a look at my work.

I’m using standar 2.75 version

I got a windows 7 64bits running in an i7 with 16gb ram.

The model has 4480 faces at retopo level, and the truth is that i can handle 5 levels of multires without lagging the viewport. I did not tried higher level because i did not needed it.

Hi artists.

For the sake of testing i scalated multires level up to 6, viewport going smooth, no difference from level 1 to 6 so far.

You can check numbers here…

That’s really cool, I’m glad we can now use the multiresolution modifier without being worried of viewport lag after 3 subd levels :smiley:

Hi again.

Im developing ideas for this sculpt, testing some very basic color shading and lighting just to see how the model “reacts”