Learning to sculpt

Is there away to be able to grab both sides while sculpting? Or does it only do the side your working on? for an example, if I was modeling a person and I use a cube and subdivided 2 times then went into sculpt mode. if I use the snake hook and enable topology and short edges. My mesh end up like this any advice would be appreciated.

Under “symmetry/lock”, select ‘x’. Also you may want to lower the detail size on dyntopo for a bit more geometry. Smooth shading is sometimes and sometimes not what you want.

There are 3 sculpting methods in Blender :

  • first method, tin which you just have your model and go to Sculpt mode.
    At that point the sculpt mode works like if you were in Edit Mode with just more tools to move vertices, so the higher poly your model, the better result it will do, the lower poly the model -> the less visually nice it will be to stretches the faces and why for your object it looks a bit distorted, because there’s not enough vertice density there for the Snake Hook to do a good job.
    That’s a method that can be usefull to adjust proportion on a base mesh with the grab brush by example

  • 2nd method, Mulitres sculpting
    In Object Mode , add a Multiresolution modifier to your model and go to Sculpt Mode, in the Multiresolution modifier click on “Subdivide” 2 times, you will see “Preview” is still 0 and “Sculpt” is now 2
    Preview is what you see in Object Mode, so if Preview is kept at 0, you’ll see the original object in Object mode , while you’ll see the subdivided object in Sculpt Mode (good for performance.
    Now click on Subdivide 2 more time, so Sculpt is at level 4 and start to use the Snake Hook, then notice the difference in the visual result with the previous method your were using.
    Basically with Multires (and the original method) you need to create enough vertice density for the brush to do any kind of detail

  • 3rd method the Dynamic Topology (Dyntopo) sculpting
    In the toolshelf, panel on the left of the 3D View in Sculpt Mode you have a panel named “Dyntopo”, click on “Enable Dyntopo”
    Set the Detail to 10 by example , set it to “Subdivide Edges” and start to use the Snake Hook, and see the difference.
    Dynamic Topology works very similarly to the (excellent) freeware Sculptris., and that’s the major difference between it and the 2 previous sculpt method : it create “faces where needed” , depending on the detail and zoom level (especially if using “Subdivide Collapse” ) each of your brush strokes will add more or less faces, creating details on the model regardless of how low poly it can be.
    You can dyntopo sculpt on a low poly model and still obtain great details in the end

thanks so much for taking the time to answer my question