Learning to use FONTS

We need to know Fonts to know where to use them , maybe the animators in here are not so interested into fonts , but the ones like me that like more Design,Motion Graphics,Typography and so on, we need to know how and where to use Fonts.

I found this beautifull blog ilovetypography.com there we can leran in the typography page many usefull things on how to recognize fonts.

And last but not least some great videos on typographyhere.


Cool Find. They do have some good articles.

how are you all. all computer user can use in their fonts. I also use my fonts. But some times ago i install the fonts but unfortunately it can not running. Why this problem create my computer.
please solve this.

please xplain more your problem , you cannot use you r computer at all ? you cannot use fonts in any program ? or you just cant use fonts in GIMP ?

if is in gimp search in this forum , gimp fonts, and you’ll find an answer.
if not reply with more info.

By the way watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syf8olcM0z4&feature=related

By the way , i dont have Helvetica on my computer , do you guys do ?

Helvetica is comercial , isn’t it?
I’m sort of designer (now, game companies did sink in here,sadly) and what I do often is dig for alternatives with similar looks or function. Mostly as my boss wont buy fonts anyway.

dafont.com is a good place for that.

Some fonts I really like are Arial, FreeSans, Verdana, Tahoma and… sorry, but…and while is not actually usable for license… Segoe UI.

verdana, freesans, arial, tahoma, and certain other pair I don’t remember now is what i put in the css at work often. As in certain order use to render well in most browsers and OSes…

I did know that link just I don’t visit it much…
but yep, is great.

there’s some font’s there that look great in 3d.
there are many cool ways to use them in Blender too.

Yes it is, but if you need a knock-off, Arial is pretty dang close. The R, C and a few other letters have very minor differences, but it basically takes a professional designer to spot them.

www.blambot.com is also a good fontsite - especially for comic-book fonts, so consistently simple enough to read at 12 pt.

My favourite font is Century Gothic. I love those perfect circles for O’s. I use O’s instead of 0’s cos I like circles so much.

yep, I had noticed how similar is helvetica to arial…still I do notice the differences…Specially as am web designer, and looks like maybe in webs is a bit more noticed…

I think blambot free ones are free for non comercial or indy drawing persons only…I draw comics (or used to), so yep, a real gift …yet tho, the very best are the comercial.

Just wondering Extrudeface since Tahoma is a windows font how do Linux system or MacOS render that font as it should not be included in the default distro?

As web designer, what I always do is dige for similar fonts, and put in the css font-family: font1, font2, font3 … But checking how it’s seen in severallinuxes, mac, and win. I know Arial wont display inm several systems, but know fonts that will playe well at least with my design as well.

If you go to Wikipedia and dig for a font, is usual to read the font from which it came, or which it has evolved to, which are similar… that unless you already know which are similar.

I use a lot Arial, Bitstream Vera Sans, helvetica, Verdana, Tahoma, Freesans, Lucida Grande and so on.

These have proved to be very helpful in one or other situation, when trying to do a similar design for several browsers/oses. In my experience, I mean. The key is not only knowing the similar ones, but also the order: if it does not find a font it goes obviously to the following, so you can give it a thought on how you make each your css classes knowing that.