Learning to use wacom (Bl33d)


Its still quite a bit WIP, but yeah… As i bought Wacom Intuos 3 some months ago, i havent had time to learn to use it, but now i’ve been learning it these past few days and here is the first image i am coming up with it.

i love this stuff… i like the sarkness the fear and the emotioon that comes out of this
this is my style

That’s looking really good so far. My only critique is that in some areas your character seems to blend very sharply with the background making him look a little flat. But good job, I love the texture.

Amazing, can’t wait to see it finished.

Thanks for the replies… Composition changed and canvas enlarged… some new detalis, … and adding them slowly in.


the relationship with the background is worth more consideration…

keep it coming!

Care to ellaborate?

Yeh it looks much better with the character blending into the background more. It’s like he’s meant to be in that spot. I love the grainy, pastelly look you’ve got going. What programme did you use to make it? CorelPAINTER? Ummm… I don’t know any other tablet programmes… But good job.

Nah, Its just Gimp i am using.

Awesome, I never really used Gimp but I spent like 600 bucks on PAINTER when you can make just as good an artwork in Gimp? Ripoff! :stuck_out_tongue:

“Its not the tools that make an artist, tools are only to help you do your stuff…”

I figured someone would say something like that… The glow you’ve added to the septre looks really good