Learning to walk

well been away from blender for a bit but finaly got around to having another go at getting
my rig to walk. or how to fit about 3 days and nights of trial and error into 7.2 secs :stuck_out_tongue:

here’s the link




Nice! A bit stiff Sudai but all of the right motions are there. Nice work with the head and eyes watching where he’s going.


Hi Animwannab

Cheers for the the feed back, yep tons of pose to pose practice needed, Im working on a run and jump animation for my next one (only in a straight line :() , so will delve into the ipo curves, I have recently found that calculate paths button which is a good help. do you know know the correct contact pose to put the lean angle for running round a corner I was trying to do a pose to pose run animation without a curve path, probably to early for something that advanced but it is good practice.

Sudai :slight_smile:

hey is this the one you rigged before??? :eyebrowlift:


Yeah man, the same horrible mesh lol, finding a few fixes that need doing to the rig as well, will improve it with my next version, and a mesh update as well .