Learning topology


As a beginner, I’m posting this question to ask you how to learn to perform a good topology.
Let me explain myself: when I try to model various objects, I usually proceed by adding loop cuts every time I need details, which leaves me with a pretty messy mesh in the end, when I have to sharpen edges by adding edge loops after a subsurf modifier and etc.
Here is an exemple of how I proceed in the beginning of modeling.

It’s not that messy but I feel like I am not doing it like I’m suppoded to when I see others models on sketchfab for exemple.
Here is an exemple (toggle wireframe): Sword - 3D model by rxshardcore - Sketchfab
The topology looks perfect, and I wonder how I can learn to model meshes like that.

Hope someone can help me with that, thank you very much for your help!

The sword example shown is low poly work with clever texture to make it look high poly. When modeling, don’t get confused by its looks. Think basic form when modeling. Add detail mesh only when texture alone will not do the job:

Once you get better you should be able to visualize how many edge loops you will need on one part of a model before moving on to the next part.

If you want,you can quite literally draw the topology on an object to get an idea of how many edge loops you will need.

Example: (note that it’s not perfect)

Thanks for the replies, but in the example of the picture that ridix posted, the topology seems (to me) really uninstinctive, but almost perfect and I wonder how you end up with a topology like that. I think that it is really following the shape of the object, and in the other hand, mine is straight lines from edge loops and I think it’s just not good (in my part).

Here is what I meant: if I ever tried to model this object, my topology would have been something like that:

How do I learn to make a topology like this one?