(system) #1


Just wanted to know what the best way of learning blender would be?

Also can you use blender for Flash5 at all?
Ie: Video’s? Animations? Web content?


(Timothy) #2

I learned the ground basics from a friend (over irc chat) he basicly spend around a week online with me :wink:
As soon as I was familiar with the basics I started doing tutorial after tutorial,… and hardly ever finishing one. Alot of tutorials show you new and interesting techniques to do stuff.
I would also buy the Blender 2.0 manual since it’s just a very good piece of documentation. Or perhaps wait for the next guide they’ll bring out.
Also chatting in the irc channel helps ALOT.

(theeth) #3

You can also publish GameBlender content over the internet with the Web Plugin.


(Timothy) #4

I’ve deleted barts previous message since it was basicly about warez.

Anyways he did make a good point that you can export to dxf and use swift3d to convert to flash. However you will need to buy swift3d ofcourse.

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