Leather chair

(Skates) #1

this is really WIP because I haven’t done any of the hardware on the bottom of the chair (what holds the seat to the pneumatic post) and I haven’t really finished most of the top part. This is pretty close to my new chair, though, it looks fairly similar. I tried to copy it but it’s tough to do an exact modelling job of a chair that you’re sitting in.
well, I appreciate any comments you may have! Don’t say it’s good if you have some nit to pick because all that helps. All the leather is procedural texture from a plugin that someone wrote, the voronoi plugin I think. Also the plastic on the wheels is the same way.

(blengine) #2

lookin real good…u did great on making it look so soft n comfy =) hurry, texture that thang :o

(rogerm3d) #3

I think it is textured. its just a grey leather chair :stuck_out_tongue:
looks really nice. Now you just need an office for it.

(bogbean) #4

Looks pretty good to me.
Some colour would make it better.

(basse) #5

just had to check this one out, because I love chairs, but hate those leather ones… :wink:

yours look great. good modelling. maybe change the leather to something else? heh…


(ndnchief) #6

I am a NOOB Ugh!!! But i certainly appreciate great modeling when I see it. Great work, though i agree about the textures, have you textured yet? Also, how many hours to model this project? Will I be able to ever do this well, or as well as many of the great artist who continually post on this forum??? Only time will tell… But i know one thing for sure, I am hooked and I cant stop…


(Skates) #7

don’t give up ndncheif! it’s easy when you have done it for years and years like me…(well maybe only years not years and years.) So…it is textured, sorta, just subtly, but I’ve been wanting to do some of that REALLY good realistic leather you see sometimes, so I plan on UV texturing it with various heightmaps of wrinkles that I suppose I’ll have to crank out in photoshop. Then I’ll export to lightflow, use the wrinkle textures for displacement and scan my wallet and use that to manufacture some good black leather textures (which is the real color of the chair) and do some good lighting, maybe put it next to a desk of some description…(and if it comes out as good as I hope) send it in to some magazine or something…heheh (yeah right.) Well thanks for the feedback guys…and it wasn’t me that made it look comfy, it was whoever made the original chair…and it is comfy, just I can’t sit in it now because it’s too hot!!!

(shibbydude) #8

I really like the chair! I have one exactly like that in my room. I think it needs to be a nice shade of black. Also some wrinkles would make it look spectacular! I’m thinking small defarmed meshes? That would be very difficult. Very nice job.

(Skates) #9

I fixed it up and added the back of the top part. Still no hardware on the bottom but I added those little things that cover the screws and made it black like real life. http://pages.prodigy.net/thekemmlers/leatherchair.jpg

(blengine) #10

looks great! i like the black texture alot…are u gonna pop it in a full office scene?

(ScottishPig) #11

Sure beats this wooden chair I’m sitting on now. =)

Good work.

(CAVZ24) #12

It may be the view, but the base looks to small to hold that chair to the ground. I think it would fall over.

If its the view, forgive my ignorance :slight_smile:

(rixtr66) #13

nice modelling!the hardware looks fine,the scale of the backrest looks a little odd to me though,it is a nice chair though.
try hunting down some naugs!
naugahyde is pretty rugged.hahaha…ha…

ahhh nevermind.

nice work! :smiley:


(CAVZ24) #14

Skates I have a some nice naugahide texture if you want

(Skates) #15

yeah, after I had already started in on the chair’s back I realized that it’s too short, it’s sorta squashed down from real life. I might scan a pic of the actual chair so you people can see the real deal. I think the base is pretty much the right size though, possibly a bit too small. I need to fix up the scale on the back, though, you’re right rixtr.

(Pooba) #16

Wow, that looks great! It almost looks real, everything is really nicely done.

WTF! I pushed alt-f4 and it quit out of my blender project which had a ton of polys and wasn’t saved. You shouldn’t like like that man :x :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


(Skates) #17

hehehe… anyway, I updated it again, it’s closer to done, mostly all I have left is texturing. Now, is it true that UV mapping will not work on a subsurf? because I tried it and it got really discombobulated. Anway, I’m going to start in on those wrinkles soon.