Leather Chair

This is my todays project, a leather chair.
This time the biggest challenge was to recreate the look of leather, i think i came pretty close :slight_smile:

Time: ~4hrs (most time needed for different techniques on achieving the leather)
Made with Blender, rendered in Blender Internal (no AO because of my slow computer)

Very realistic chair, congratulations!

it does look photo real. Good job

Very nice work!

Good job, looks like it is floating though.

Oh yes, it definitely does. But the leather itself looks quite nice.

You have to look very close, theres written “Property of Harry Houdini” :stuck_out_tongue:
Just kidding, its the missing AO that lets it seem like floating :slight_smile:

You can easily fake AO with a blend texture.

Nice work, I would like to see the leather set up… if you don’t mind, could you talk us about it?

the leather looks to shiny i think…:slight_smile: