leather gear stick cover

how would I make my gear stck cover look more fabric looking, things such as creases and a bit more leather looking also that stitched look. something like the image of the complete gear stick. And please look at mine and give ways of changing it.


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use cloth simulation…


I agree, use a cloth simulator. UV map the stitches where you want them. If it;'s just a still render you’re looking for, you could just model the fabric the way you want it, but cloth simulation would be easier in that scenario as well (just less controllable).

thanks you guys just look out for anymore help signals from me in this thread i might need further help, maybe. But this should do it
thanks again.

Since im in this thread already I would like to ask how I would make an object physical to a lamp in blender, not the thing its shining at but the thing it’s shining from within such as a torch, so that it only shines through the hole at the thing its pointing at and not through the torch itself or through the thing its shining at. look at the imgage, u see the square at the back isn’t suppose get light because the box which the torch is within is suppose to block the light from its fronts and also the light is going all round within the box and not just the direction the hole of the torch is at how would i do it.


help help please, all these examples will contribute to the cars im building.

I hope I understand you correctly. In order for the mesh to block light, you need to have Shadows Ray Shadows turned on for your lamp and also enable the Ray button on the render panel. This should cause the light from the lamp to only shine through the openings in your mesh.

i’m grateful for that such a simple way and yet i couldn’t figure it out.

Any ideas for shining through glass.

See the image: i only want it to shine through the glass but not the back of the oval, which is a metal base.
U see when ray shadow is enabled it doesn’t touch the objects ahead of it.


give it a dry material take away the spec and add a leather texture then rethink of the lighting

In order for light to “shine through” glass like materials, you need to enable the TraShadow button on the Shaders tab for each material that the light will shine on. This allows these materials to receive Transparent shadows from the glass, instead of full black shadows.

aBOUT THE LIGHT, dichotomymatt, ive tried this yet no response, you see the light should only shine through the glass and be blocked by the metal base at the bottom of the oval and the wall isn’t still catching any light. apreciate the help.

help …

Hey Sha, attach your blend file and I will take a look at it. Hopefully I can fix it and post the fixed blend for you.

sorry about the delay here it is.


light e.g.blend (174 KB)

help dichotomymatt

I will try to have something for you later tonight.

Well I found the problem and it has noting to do with your light or glass material. The two planes that the light points at have their base material color set to pure black R=0,G=0,B=0. Objects in real life are almost never pure black. Pure black absorbs all light and reflection no light back to your eye. As such, your blue light is absorbed by the black planes and non of the light is reflected back to the viewer.

I see,
thanks a lot, just look out for any help calls from me,
and thanks again.