Leather Procedural - Anybody???


does anybody have a procedural plug-in for Blender to create lather?
Blender does not have any plug-in to create lather currently.

Leather or lather?

I got a good procedural from the Blender mats archive for leather.

i think there i’v seen one at the 3D repostiory material !

is that one good ?


Lather would be interesting… :slight_smile:

Perhaps volumetric would work?

Blender Open Material Repository - 12:17pm
Die Domain “www.blender-materials.org” wurde gesperrt.

This domain was blocked.

It is gone

hum tried it and seems to be dead too at least for the time being

it was working last week !

anybody know what’s happening

and in any case are you talking about leather material or something else?



from this page http://www.yafray.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1119&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=15&sid=fe8ffce51f63c4e965dbaafeb62c1bb3


is the Blender 3d material repository dea for ever or only temporarily?


You could probably make a texture resembling leather using SVN’s texture nodes. So so have some wood textures with disturbance and using colorband for extremely thin lines. Before that texture you could have another texture with the nabla at .1 and use the warp feature to to warp the actual procedurals used for the leather.

Blender Open Material Repository - 12:17pm
Die Domain “www.blender-materials.org” wurde gesperrt.

This domain was blocked.
This webside will be back soon.

Mein Hoster hat mir aus fadenscheinigen Gründen (das Projekt würde die Ressourcen des Servers exzessiv belasten, was quatsch ist) gekündigt und direkt daraufhin alles gelöscht und abgemeldet.

Ich hab keinen Bock mich jetzt mit dem zu behängen - werde heute auf meinen Rootserver umziehen mit dem Projekt; es wird nur ein paar Tage dauern bis die Domain korrekt umgeleitet wurde, bis dahin bitte ich um Gedult.

Although my english is very poor I will try to translate. My hostservice has dismised me by flimpsy reasons (to much traffic would incriminate the server, which is absurd). It will last some days to redirect the domain. Please be patient.

anybody knows how to translate that german ?

i think the first 2 words are “my server” but the rest of it don’t know


Basicly the original host terminated its service for the blender material repository and whoever is running that site is looking to find a way to get it back online.

Babelfish says:

My Hoster quit to me for fadenscheinigen reasons (the project would load resources of the server excessive, which quatsch is) and directly thereupon everything deleted and logged out. I have no support me with to behängen now - today on my root server will move with the project; it will last only a few days to the Domain was correctly rerouted, up to then please I around Gedult.

Ahhhh, it all becomes clear now!!!

anybody is able to actually get the file from zshare? the download never starts and clicking on download only resets the webpage.

anybody has the file on their computer?

I think this is it -

Great that one worked to download.

I remember that one time I tried to rebuild leather with the voronoi crackle as well.
The second cell structure (not main dark one) can cause quite some issues.

From a distance the result looks great, you zoom and and it shows a lot of noise.

I tried with using the color band to blend out the crackle pattern in the white are
but it still shows up.

Anybody has a trick to make the leather look good also from a close up view?

I usually do this when I need a quick leather shader:

Add a cloud procedural with vornoi crackle. Use that for bump, specular and dark color. That is about it. It looks good. Don’t forget the DOF and strange lens disortion to make it look even better.

Well I downloaded the new SolidThinking 7.6 and noticed that all their leathers are based on image maps. I actually was under the impression they were procedurals.