Leaves blowing on streets BGE


I want to create a street scene with newspapers and leaves. I want them to blow across the streets just like the leaves in GTA : Vice City. Is there a way to generate these leaves and make them blow? I need this desperately.

Thanks for your help!

If you’re going to try to make the leaves and papers blow as individual objects then the BGE does have softbody simulation as a part of the Bullet integration. However, this could be pretty expensive on the CPU.

Now I’m not sure how Rockstar does it in GTA, but you might be able to get a cheaper effect through the use of multiple leaves as a texture on a larger mesh or even some static meshes using UV-animation to move said texture.

I’ve not tried any of these, I just know that it might not be the best idea to try to brute-force it with individual objects. (as you might have hundreds of leaves).

how about one object of many leaves that move with armature animation one group of leaves is one bone and parent this effect with camera so it not eat up much CPU