Leaves test final; procedural particle cards leaves.

A final implementation of that quick tutorial I posted the other day with a lot of testing and tweaking. Render time for the scene was I think 27 minutes with Intel optimized build. Shadows are ray traced of course and all materials are procedural. Acutally the entire scene is nothing but blender. Not exactly photo, but good enough for toons?

Anyway, hope you enjoy my simple diversion.

Where is this tutorial? (I looked through some of your recent posts, but could not find it.) I am curious how the trees are set up exactly.

Hi, the tutorial was here
Above blend included. :slight_smile:

Whoa! there’s like an anime character in that cloud! Gundam, Megaman perhaps? I dunno, that cloud looks a little low, but it sure is purty :Z .

You see those clouds in Alpine settings once in a while. :slight_smile: heh. Godzilla crawls out of the ocean and rampages.

did you use the amient occlusion?
it might make it even more realistic.
but i allready like it!

Yes, AO would add a lot of nice ambiance. Wish this machine had enough horse to go with that. Right now I’m mainly interested in putting a scene together as fast as possible. As in, say, one day or something. So, yah, no AO.