Leaving Blender for a while

Unfortunatly i am Leaving the Blender community for a while.

WHY!!!? you might ask, well the answer follows
I joined the US NAVY and since i will be in Chicago, IL Starting Tuesday Nov. 6 ( I’m going to be Monday during the day) and i don’t know when the next chance will be for me to use a computer for personal purposes so i kinda have to say Good Bye for now

Minimal ill be gone for two months and maximum of 9 months (after A-School and before my final assignment), anywho ill be around computers i gues (since i am an IT) but wont be able able to Blend on any of them

On a completely side note, my website www.blenderheads.com will probably be taken down due to me not being there to maintain it (and plus i kinda have a great idea for it when i am back), the website will just be offline and probobly host my models (explained below)

I am also thinking of just releasing all (or most) of my work to the public (the blend files and all) since i will have fresh new ideas

Ill see if i will have time to take everything down and release all my models by Monday (i got a lota things to do before then so i might be a bit packed) since SOME ONE (the officer in charge) kinda lost half my frikin DEP kit, including my DAR (re-classification papers) and PQS (rank advancement program)

miss you
come back safe and all geared up!
And don’t let anyone tell you to get 100 feet of waterline from the bilge locker.

be back soon! or at least well…! :slight_smile:

lookin’ forward to seeing ya again.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Hopefully ill get back as one piece

see you, leave in a year or two myself.

Hey mate. Best of luck to ya, and see you when you get back!
Also, are going to fight or anything? I read that you are going to Chicago is this correct? But then I read ‘Hopefully ill get back as one piece’. What on earth is going down in Chicago? Maybe I should watch the news or something…

Lol, nothing is going down in Chicago, and im going to request to get stationed in Okinawa Japan for my time (might as well see japan, the electronic capitol of USA), I will be working with computers and not holding a gun thou

Good luck, vitaliy! I have a lot of friends in the service (active AF, retired Navy), and you’ll be in good company.

Best of luck son!

Ooo thats cool, well hopefully ill be in good company serving with cool guys

Thanks Gramps :! lol sorry couldn’t resist

Couldn’t resist :slight_smile:

http://e2-productions.com/repository/ - the perfect place to release your blends :smiley:

Actually i don’t want to release them to the BMR for the simple fact that i have model packs that i want to list on my website under my own licensing (plus several of those models belong to a pack that i want to advertise my website with)

Take care and, Thank You for Your Service! :slight_smile: