LEAVING BLENDER? .... No FBX..... Modo..... or?

Well, Blender is at an all time highpoint now. Too Bad I’m unfortunately looking to leave it.
Why? No FBX . Is there a way to salvage that abandoned {?} coding? How much was that coder paid
for that ?

Too bad. But, I’m looking seriously at alternatives.

I’ve checked out Modo, but while having FBX- it’s in a flawed state currently. Doesn’t seem to import the animation. { although slightly better than the abandoned Blender state. the bones look like they import correctly, not twisted into a mess like Blender .}. Maybe Modo 7 will fix the FBX . Don’t know. But thats not good for a pipeline either. Not sure if I can wait to find out.

Yeah, I’ll likely still tinker with Blender, but don’t think I can rely on it for my main work. In this business you seriously need to import and export.

So Max? or?

Softimage if you’re leaving blender.

Yeah, I second that – but prepare for sticker shock. I am not sure you can even buy it without getting the full package from AD, which is pricey. PLUS the maintenance fees.

But if FBX is critical to you, and that apparently is the only thing you are looking at, then you really have to stay with Autodesk. They are the ones who own FBX. They are your best shot for having it work without problems.

Yeah, I’ve trained a bit on softimage before, and its good. And you can get vray for it now. I almost bought
it in fact. When you used to be able to get a basic edition { before autod } . thats a thought…

But, Im mainly interested in pipeline ease. I buy pre made assets. Also I like plugins. Max is still the best
at that { although I hate the price }. { for example max had vray , what, 8 years ago? and
softimage is just getting it now } And maya I’d say is second for a pipeline.

Too bad about Modo – its not the best for a pipeline - yet - but I think in time. You can get it now for 777.00 on sale I think. Take the 500 you wont spend on vray / blender off that – and its 277!! Not sure if the renderer is quite in vray class, though?

yeah, well its plugins too. Someone here once pointed out people buy max, just so they can have the plugins. Its true.

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Well, the problem with every FBX add-on is it cannot be “official” because of Autodesk’s licensing. Blender cannot use their API in an opensource package.

So, I’m glad you have hope… but I wouldn’t want to rely on it, personally, if I had to have FBX.

WELL your right. A pro should do it right. But if this thing can get me by, I might hold off on a big autodesk plunge, and perhaps keep my eye on modo. Modo and Blender might prove to be a good combo.

Personally i wouldn’t move to Softimage. I was a long time XSI user before coming to Blender. For me Softimage is a dead app walking, i recently loaded up 2013 and there is no real change in the package since the last real upgrade at XSI 7 back in 2009.

The pricing model for the autodesk stuff is just awful. If you want to hop onto the maintenance treadmill and pay for worthless updates go for autodesk.

WELL autodesk is ALL about pricing. It seems the 3 apps are destined to NO longer be complete packages:

Its now Max for ARCHVIZ/ games, maya games/ film, and XSI for VFX.

tiny little “upgrades” which in the case of Max are just plugins they bought out. Yep sad, for Indies, but basically the state of
the industry.

If you want to stay away from Autodesk, but need a more reliable package. I would recommend Modo. Luxology just merged with the Foundry (which has by far has the best compositing software in the industry).

Right now they have a limited deal to celebrate the merging of these two companies, 40% off Modo. If you want to jump on it, nows the time to do it.

Im thinking about it.

Hows the renderer compared to vray, I wonder?

Lightwave has good FBX support if you’re looking to avoid Autodesk. I’ve heard great things about Modo but never used it.

Renderer is actually very good. I would go as far as to say it’s what Cycles is trying to be. Of course, with most of the top renderers out there, it has its pros and cons. V-ray/mental ray are great, with the right technical know how and time…they are hard to beat. Sometimes though, ease, user friendliness and well speed of render are more important. I guess you would have to consider the pros and cons and decide on what fits you bet. The good news is though, you can always fall back on Blender or another renderer/software for the times when you need it.

I personally love autodesk products…but “hate” autodesk. Their products are great, the company not so much. So when looking for the best alternatives, the best competition and the one with the best future… Modo is probably at the top of that list.

well can anyone remember the PREVIOUS GSOC AKA GSOC 2012!

there is an integration for FBX by assimp creator i think.

Yeah, I remember, wasnt the guy paid- what is google pay - $ 5,000 dollars? and just abandoned?
who was his mentor?

The ‘new’ FBX import script is in a state of half finish.
Doesn’t import Animations doesn’t export UVs

Modo FBX doesn’t import animation

Cinema 4D handles FBX very well indeed. Download the demo and see if you like.

thanks I looked at some renders, good, but Im too used to unbiased look now. I dont like that
there are few alternatives to the modo stock renderer.

I heard vray was being developed, and then one post said it was stopped. thats about a deal breaker for me.
Also FBX works, but no animation yet, apparently, Its understandable since version 6 is there first CA ever!
But, wheres the road map for 7?

[heres the botched proposal


yeah, the Lightwave forum is always interesting. I should check LW out. I never liked the modeler separate, I guess they plan to do away with that sometime. Maybe the botched CORE was the roadmap to unite the two sides?