I’ll be leaving tomorrow for Florida and don’t know when (and if) I’ll be back. So, to Broken, Malefico and PapaSmurf, I don’t know how far you all have gotten with the threads we discussed, but hopefully I’ll get to a library or internet cafe sometime and we can get them done. To those who post Tutorials and they don’t get approved in reasonable time, just PM a mod or admin and wake them up. To everyone else, if I don’t see you thru the week I’ll see you thru the window.


Well, hats off to the man of 9854? ( valuable) posts…
Good luck!

I will miss you…eh im over it. :stuck_out_tongue: have a safe trip!

Take care Buddy

im over it.

Good, I thought it was a valuable exercise for the both of us.


Peace. Where ya traveling from anyways?

Have a a good trip, fligh. (Maybe we’ll cross paths? I’ll be in Tampa next week…)

hey have fun, thanksfor all your great answers to posts.

Have a good one man. If you aren’t back, well, even if you are, cheers for all the help over the years.

Ditto, you were alway there to correct it when I gave new users bad advice :eek:. Now to unleash hell… extrude = ctrl-j, undo = ctrl-x, append = alt-a…


Hope you get back sometime, the help forums won’t be the same without you.

“and if”…hmm Internet love maybe? I hope she is not as fat as the last girl I met online. Buffets can get expensive!

Have a nice time Grandpa (you are retiring in Florida i am assuming… :stuck_out_tongue: )

I look forward to your inspiration, expertise and enthusiasm back on the forum when you return.

And don’t throw your back out in one of those wild-n-crazy shuffleboard tourneys, eh? (geez, I’d better zip it… I’m nearly there myself!)

Jokes aside, thnx a ton for your help 'round here. Hope your hiatus won’t be perm.

Best of Luck!!

Thanks for all of the help!

Have a nice trip.
Thanks for all the time invested in this community so far.

Thanks for all the help you gave. I hope you enjoy your stay at Florida. :slight_smile:

Enjoy your trip! Tip: Fly, don’t drive in Florida!

Have a great trip!!! Thanks for all the help you have been to this forum! Hope you come back!

fligh on a flight… have a good trip, man tnx for all your help here.

Have a nice trip, hope you’ll get some good internet-vacations. :slight_smile: