LED Animated Short

Big project of mine, finally completed today! It is about an ill-fated little green robot.

Well that was interesting. I did enjoy it, but I was also kind of confused by the intro with him working in the potato factory. Also, I felt that the ending was lacking. It has potential though.

Thanks. I know the ending is canned (hahaha, get it?). The gist of the potato factory scene is that he’s banging on the machine to get it running again, but then he breaks it and gets fired.

Oh, okay. Hmm, maybe you could make another robot (i.e just duplicate it and make it red) and while the green guy is on the ground, you could have the red guy walk in and wave his finger at the door or something.

Good idea, I was actually planning to do something like that but I was too lazy. Maybe I will, though, if it confuses everyone.

Excellent short for one-maned project!

I totally agree !
Nicely done !

I think this is awesome. Only little thing that kind of took me out of the immersion was the weirdness of the can as he was kicking it. Very very nice effort.

well done. beautiful work.