LED Grid - Dynamic Paint

Dear Blender Artist,

I created this Dynamic Paint setup to “switch” between 2 states of Instances (like flip-flop effect). Ended up with some kind of LED grid effect.

I decided to post it here because I think this experiment result is quite decent and maybe useful for you. Feedbacks or improvements are welcomed.

My future wishlist is to improve and develop this effect further, maybe instead of just a switch between 2 LED colors, multiple colors could be achieved more easily, based on Image Texture that can be animated.

Maybe Blender particle node based can be helpful (or make thing more complicated? :p)

And also, what I really have in mind is to have some kind of Particle setup that can maybe convert a mesh into some kind of multiple instances of meshes flying around). That could be an interesting VFX.

Originally it was that XMEN Mystique/Raven skin changing effect, I would like to achieve with Dynamic Paint.

My blog:

You can skip the blog and download the BLEND files here:

The features:

  • DP Canvas LED Grid can be easily adjusted, simply by going to Edit Mode and replace whatever mesh creating the grid.
  • Any shapes of DP Brushes can be added and deleted as you pleased.
  • You may need some Cycles understanding in order to make thing to render the way you want such as: know way to switch off objects so it does not render on Cycles (for DP Brush)

Anyways, let me know if you have any questions. Try simple 25 x 25 grid examples. I think the effect works nice with higher grid numbers. 128 x 64 LED grid is probably already quite a lot.