LED lights (short film)

After a couple of months of learning to use Blender, I decided to make a little animation. With the inspiration of my work as an engineering student I chose to animate a Light Emmiting Diode (LED).
So here it is

And here is a little behind the scenes video I made

I think it would really be helpfull if some of the more experienced ones out there gave me a little feedback, I made everything from modelling texturing, animation, and even the music so please comment on whatever you think I can improve. Thanks very much

That was really cool. It has lots of polish to it. I got a little confused though as to why he was mad at first right before his light turns on. It looks like the light surprised him, so I don’t think the “mad” face was him trying to concentrate, as that wouldn’t make sense.

One thing I noticed was that in the background the coil thing flickers once the camera focuses on the LED. Besides increasing the samples all crazy, one thing you can do is render the forground and background separately. You can use a single frame for the background, and only render animation frames when the camera zooms back in. This will also decrease render time significantly.

I love his eyes animation when he wakes up.

Thank you very much Scotchtapeworm. I spend a lot in that first part when he wakes up so I’m glad you liked it. I actually noticed the flickering of the coil, but since it took a lot to render I didn’t wanted to increase the samples too much. Rendering the background as a single frame seems like a good idea I will take that into acount for future projects so thank’s for the feedback.

PS. My idea was to make him try to concentrate on turning on his light and getting angry little by little for not being able to do so, and then he is surprised he actually succeeded but I think you more or less got the idea.

Nice and funny :slight_smile:

This is the problem I have. Creating atmosphere. I did not even think about turning off the your animation. And I have these feelings even when I watch some profesional anims.
Anyways, Would like to see it jumping :smiley:

I know what you mean. Sometimes even with good stuff, I’m not emotionally connected, so to put it bluntly “I don’t care” Make me care! I like OP’s animation. Something about the opening made me want to keep watching.

No problem! I look forward to seeing what else you come up with.