Led plugin

Hi there,
I downloaded the Led plugin from the resource site:
I tried this plugin, which is last modified on jan-2007, with Blender 2.42 RC2 and i get an error: “incorrect version number”. I have Python 2.4 installed.
Can anyone help me with this plugin or has another option
Thanx Twan

none of my plugin textures work. Windows 2.43 RC2. I think somewhere around 2.36 or 2.4 textures were rewritten. could be none work with modern releases.

An LED is simple enough though a pain to recreate: define 7 bars being the segments, set them to emit red, and animate their alpha for each number/letter

all the plugins ive used works with me both sequencer and textures in linux amd64 and cvs blender. If it was altered at 2007 january then 2.42 is old version of blender for it i think.

I’m not sure if it was of RC2 or i was to sleepy, but after installing RC3 it worked!!!
gr, Twan