Leeho´s Aircraft

Hi guys,

I´ve created an aircraft to learn how to use Blender. This project will cover from modeling to animation, and post production. I´m loving use Blender. Below follow some clay render tests in Cycle:

These are really nice. Thanks for sharing them. I’m most curious about the lighting and rendered output. Is there a tutorial available describing how to configure that? Thanks!


Thank you, Kazem. The setup is very simple: an orange sunlight, a HDR image as background (World). I rendered with Cycles. I´ll try to make a brief tutorial showing this and the render setup.

This looks awesome! I really like the amount of detail, and the form of the aircraft as a whole. The model looks good enough to be film quality. Wonderful work, Leandro, I’m looking forward to seeing more!

Thanks, James. Now, I´m creating the UVs for texture.

Nice use of sun / sky light.

the modeling is great! that could fit great in visual effects cause it looks so realistic

WOW! That is nice, Love the detailing on the engines.

you must have done modeling in other programs this is amazing perfect for a movie or game

Thank you, guys! I´m glad you liking my job.

josephfarrar, yes, I was 3ds max user, and yet use Maya. I´m learning Blender in my personal jobs.

Love the crazy air craft…very cool!.

Thanks, James_Z.

That is modelling I could only do in my dreams! Nice work.

Thank you, very much, Benjamin.

This is awesome looking. I’ve always wanted to draw/model an aircraft or spacecraft like this, with huge low-slung engines out on the short wings. The fuselage reminds me of a Warhawk P-40, and the overall design reminds me of Westland Whirlwind, or Messerschmitt Me 262, with references to the Star Wars EP1 Pod Racers. I love the tall landing gear and long ladder to the cockpit. The only thing I think seems ‘out of place’ are the VTOL engines attached mid-wing.

Great job. This will look fabulous textured.


Thank you, lhumungus. In fact, my inspiration came from WWII Aircrafts and SW Pod Racers. The textured version will be ready as soon as possible. Generate UVs in Blender is very easy and fast! How every system works will be clear when I make the first animation test.