Leewj.com! old site for now, but updated a bit ;)

so I got a domain for later use 8). Also managed to do some small updates, like adding some niiice ancient animations etc, when I return home from orange I’ll start on my new portfolio and make a new site, this one has been round for a while now, but seems to work out ok for now hehe.



edit: heh topic change for Falgor, poor guy I think is going to kill me for the artistic license on grammer :wink:

It’s “gotten”, I think. Cool, the present site is quite nice, too. Some (of the subzero mesh) pics don’t work.

thanks Falgor glad you like, I’ll fix that link up too, been transfering so some I miss

heh, ‘got’ i was using a weird structure for the word, usually used in bad Japanese translations to English, but, afaik it may even be a proper way to use it in english =)

Yeah, I’ve seen it beeing used, too. Anyhow, I think it’s “get, got, gotten”
like “forget, forgot, forgotten”.

[UK] get, got, got
[US] get, got, gotten

Who’d you get your domain through? And where is the site hosted? I’m looking into getting a domain very soon.

By the way, your work is lookin’ good as usual. :wink:

Nice work on your site. I enjoyed looking at it.


…seems broken?

thanks for the tip! yeah there were still a couple of broken links i was finding since I’m transfering peice by peice, I think thats all of them now hehe =D

Thanks for the compliments WhiteBoy =)