left behind

pure blender internal render. modeled with gsculpt, blender, textured (the plane) with the gimp, the rest is blender procedurals. its nowhere near finished, but im kinda bored now that i was working on it for two weeks, so i call it finished.

Awesome composition!
What’s the story behind this piece?

Wireframe possible?

thanks redbyte.
story…in your sunshiny environment all hell gets manifested and your only chance for safety is flying away right in front of your nose. you missed it, because youre late or youre lazy…well, thats not the end of the story, but now you gota make plans to survive :slight_smile:
missing details, like dust particles, blades of grass, swirling fire particles around the fire and hot air bursts behind the airplane…i should have worked more on the plane both geometricaly and texturing wise, but im satisfied with it anyway.
the first image is a wire from the airplane, the second one is my finished view on the final piece in blender, everything is set, i just have to hit “RENDER”.